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Hi Guys!

If you’ve been missing my posts, there’s a reason! I moved my blog over from wordpress.com to wordpress.org! I wanted to have more freedom with what I could do with my blog design and such so you can still find me at http://www.moxiefashionblog.com! But I know some of you that were following through the WordPress reader wouldn’t have gotten the email! You can head to my blog to see the new update, and don’t forget to subscribe in the right hand side bar to stay up to date with all my posts!

Thank you so much for following along thus far, and I hope to see you over at my new site!




Fall Transitioning

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harper harper2 harper3 harper4 harper5  harper7 harper8 harper9 harper10 harper11      harper14harper15 harper16

Top: H&M, similar here; Skirt: Harper Trends c/o here; Shoes: AMI Clubwear c/o here; Lipstick: NYX Matte Merlot; Bracelets: Bohora Jewelry c/o here (40% off with the code SAVE40)

We’ve gotten lucky the past few days, and it’s actually cooled off ever so slightly. Just enough for me to start getting a little excited. When I wake up, and there’s a chill in the air, and a mid-afternoon run doesn’t leave me flat out on the floor from heat exhaustion, it’s a good day. 😛 So it’s time to pull out a few fall-ish pieces. And this wrap skirt from Harper Trends is perfect! The colors and pattern are definitely fall and styled with a long sleeve crop and some booties, it makes the perfect piece to transition into fall! I was joking with my brother-in-law while we were doing these photos that this was my homeschool skirt because it’s so long and flowy. But he reminded me that since I don’t have my homeschool shirt on, we’re good. (Don’t worry. I’m a homeschooler. It’s fine.) All homeschool jokes aside, this type of outfit is my jam. A little bit boho and a little bit girly just the way I like it.

Soooo I have some exciting news today! You can win a $100 gift card to Harper Trends where this skirt is from! The giveaway will run for 24 hours. All you have to do to enter is sign up here. I will be announcing the winner on Instagram so make sure you’re following along! Also they are currently running a sale and you can receive 20% off sitewide (including sale items) with your code you get when you visit their site!

Hope you all are having the best week! I have been working at the salon and also working on a few things lately with my blog. I’m about to update a few things and switch my site to a new host so that I have more freedom with what I can do with my blog. And it’s crazy how time consuming everything is! But I also kind of love it because I learn along the way and get to feel accomplished when I’m done!

Have a happy Wednesday!




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Top: Boutique, similar here; Jeans: Asos here ( on sale!); Clutch: Liz Alig c/o here; Necklace: Bohora Jewelry Cora Necklace c/o here; Shoes: Ami Club Wear c/o here

Accessorize: like working out but instead of building your muscles, you’re building your collection of accessories. 😛 (Yes, I made that up.)

Happy Monday! Aside from my silly definition, some days simple outfits with a few key accessories are the best. I am in love with this new necklace from Bohora Jewelry. I just got it last week and have already worn it out three times! They have the most amazing jewelry in the perfect color combinations! Their store just launched last week, and they are offering 40% off with the code SAVE40. Which is an amazing deal! So get your Christmas shopping done, and get yourself something too. (Because if you’re like me, when you go out shopping for someone, you have to buy yourself something too. “This is my present for successfully getting you a present”. Works in my brain every time. 😛 )

Now about this cute clutch from Liz Alig. I have a special place in my heart for tribal prints. Probably because I grew up going to Mexico to work in the orphanages, and it always reminds me of that. Liz Alig is a fair trade company that uses recycled materials to produce their products and works with people in developing countries to encourage their economic growth. If you didn’t notice in the pictures, the clutch came with a little tag that says, “I used to be a traditional skirt…I was recycled by women from Guatemala into this garment”. Like HOW COOL is that!? The answer is super cool. And you and the person you’re buying a present for probably need one of these too. 😛

Sooooo I will leave you with one final thought. You need these high waist jeans. They are super comfortable and the perfect length on top and bottom annnnnd on sale for $25! Plus my hubby could not stop saying how much he loved this outfit. What is it with guys and simple outfits that involve ponytails?! 😛

Hope you have the best week!



Fall Fringe 

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 Shirt: Forever 21 here; Skirt: Forever 21 here; Sandals: Forever 21 here; Bracelets: Bohora Store c/o here; Necklace: Forever 21 here

You guys. Why is Forever 21 the best? Like I cannot go in there without buying something. Especially when you see the price tags. Like hellooooo. That’s cheaper than a dinner for two at Chipotle. (That’s Ben’s favorite so I obviously have to compare my shopping love with his second love. I’m the first #obvi.) So I’m sure you’ve noticed fringe is EVERYWHERE. And I’m loving it. I want everything with a little swoosh to it. And suede too. It’s the perfect way to add texture to an outfit without being to bold. So if fringe is still a little scary for you, try something suede first! P.S. I’m superly (yes, that’s a word) considering this for one of my fall purchases.

How has everyone’s week been? Mine has been full of work and life stuff per usual. Ben is gone for several days this week for his Marine training so I’m staying busy as much as I can (should probably slow down enough to get the house clean though…boring). I’m doing hair for a wedding and then going to it. Sad to go without Ben but at least it’s with tons of our friends so it won’t be the kind where you don’t know anyone AND you’re by yourself!

Happy weekending!

Thank you all for coming by!



Fall Favorites from Shein

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I really really really wish you could know HOW MUCH it bugs me that the pictures below aren’t all the same size and neatly organized and in the correct spot. Like seriously. It is just not cooperating. But if you also understood how much time it even took to get them to look like this, then maybe you could understand my brain. I want things to be neat and organized but there comes a point where too much time is too much time, and I just say ” Byeeeeee Felicia” and move on with life. And hey, on the bright side, you learned something new about me. Yes, I like to be organized, but no, I don’t need to be a perfectionist. 😛 And hopefully soon, I will be updating my blog so posts like this will be super duper easy and organized but I’m dreading the work that will go into the update so I’m putting it off!

Alright, soooo the real reason for the post (no, it was not to explain a new facet of my personality 😛 ), fun fall clothes! Fall colors and styles get me so excited. There’s just something about being able to layer and be cozy and wear sweaters and boots! Seeing as I live in California, I’m still always wearing dresses, so that seems to always be what I’m drawn to. But I also linked a few sweaters and pants and booties! SOOOO click on the awkwardly placed photos to shop. I may not be able to deliver organization today, but I can deliver some cute fall pieces at amazing prices. Sooooo happy shopping. And BYE Felicia. 😛



Orange Long Sleeve With Lace Dress  Yellow Long Sleeve V Neck Floral Dress

         Black Puff Sleeve Lace Up DressGrey Batwing Sleeve Designer High Neck Dress

Brown Long Sleeve Appliques Panelled With Lace Dress    Black White Round Neck Sheer Lace Drop Waist Dress

    Black Chunky Heel Tassel PU Boots

Grey Chunky Heel Round Toe Casual Boots   Black PU Leather Slim Pant

Blue Casual Bleached Ripped Denim Pant Brown Long Sleeve Loose Sweater

       Khaki V Neck Striped Crop SweaterBrown Long Sleeve Tassel Coat

Florals and the Truth About Fall



 Dress: Harper Trends c/o here; Sandals: Nordstrom Rack, same here; Necklace: One Native Heart c/o here

Last week, I met up with one of friends at the Orange Circle and she snapped a few photos for me and then we grabbed coffee and sat and talked for a few hours. Days that involve coffee and best friends are kinda my favorite. Last week at work was kind of slow, and I was real happy about it. Every once in while it just happens that way, and this time it was just what I needed after several super busy weeks.

I know I’ve said it a million times already, but Southern California is not even a little bit feeling like fall yet. And I’ve decided my desire for it to be fall is directly related to social media and people posting photos of leaves on the ground and hot chocolate and scarves and cold weather things. Aka OTHER people saying they are ready for fall. Because I have lived in Southern California my ENTIRE life, and it’s always hot this time of year! So why would I expect anything else! (As a matter of fact, I PLANNED my wedding in October outside because I knew it wouldn’t be cold. 😛 ) Sooo all that to say I’m still living in my summer wardrobe and this dress from Harper Trends is perfect! I love anything flowy and floral. I can also see adding a denim jacket around the waist and some heeled booties when it DOES finally decide to cool off around here. (Which won’t happen for a few months, and when I say cool, I mean a crisp 65 degrees. ) And until then, you can find me in my summer dresses sipping iced coffee and saying I think it should be fall when I know it really shouldn’t. 😛

Hope you all had the best weekend! My weekend is usually Sunday and Monday so if you’re ever wondering why I still say it on a Tuesday, there you have it. 😛 If you follow me on Instagram, you know Ben and I went beach camping for the night over the weekend. We love just getting away even if it’s just one night because it means we actually spend time together and talk instead of getting distracted by things that need to get done! And you can’t go wrong with waking up at the beach!

Have a great week!

And thanks for coming by!




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T-shirts: Home T c/o here ( I am wearing an extra small, and Ben, a large); Denim: Urban Outfitters here; Chambray: Old, similar here; Shoes: Adidas Superstar here

Photos by: B Photography

Hieeeee! Happy Friday! Yay! A post with Ben! At this rate, it looks like he’ll be making an appearance about twice a year. 😛 We got these cute tees from the Home T, and I love them! They have every state and different styles and are SO soft! We both have lived in California our whole lives and basically in the same place too! I love it here. Thirty minutes from the beach and not even a chance I’ll ever get too cold. (Jk, who am I kidding, I start shivering and doing my t-rex walk as Ben calls it when it’s still 60 degrees out. )

We met up with our friend, Biancca, from B Photography to do these phtotos, and I love them! My favorites are the ones on the swings because when we were first dating, we went to a park and sat on the swings and talked til two in the morning about everything we could think of. I’m pretty sure that was the night I knew I wanted him to be my forever. And the place I would call home. #hearteyes

I’m so excited for the weekend! This week has been slower at work, and I’m so glad. The last few weeks had been crazy with work and life stuff so it was nice to have some down time. I even took myself on a shopping date. Can’t wait to show you some of my new pieces! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram in case they don’t make it to the blog.

Ben and I are going to go camping for the night on Sunday, and I’m super excited! We love just taking off and getting away for the night. Even though it’s short, it always feels like time stops because there’s nothing to do but talk and take in the ocean view.

Hope you all have the best weekend!



Madonna Inn, The Carin Room and More Sparkles

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Sparkle dress: Asos here (on sale!)

All the girls in our sparkle!

Madonna Inn Restaurant

Best cinnamon rolls ever from Old West Cinnamon Roll 

Our second night at the Madonna Inn, we stayed in the Carin Room. It was at the very top of a spiral staircase, had the cutest door and two balconies. Plus the rest of the girls came up the second day so we were also thankful for a little extra floor space. Both rooms were so fun and girly but I have to say the one we stayed in the first night was my fave!

The second night was our going out night. We all had to wear something sparkle, whether it was a dress or shoes or whatever. It was actually so fun having a theme, and everywhere we went people wanted to know what we were celebrating so it made it fun! We went out to dinner and dancing at Novo Restaurant in San Luis Obispo. The food was amazing, and we loved that they had an outdoor dance floor because it can get so hot when you’re dancing! 😛

Sunday morning, I snuck out while everyone was still waking up to get us cinnamon rolls from this place I had heard about from one of my clients. They were seriously BOMB. If you go, make sure you get the crumb one!

We had the best time, and I HIGHLY recommend going to the Madonna Inn, and all the other places we went! And no, absolutely none of this was sponsored. Just turned out that everything went just as planned, and it was the perfect weekend!

You can see a little of my Snapchat story from the weekend below! My favorite part is at the end when mine and my friend’s dresses got stuck together while we were having a moment on the dance floor. 😛 Oh and how about these new Snapchat face filters. My hubby says that’s what I actually look like when I cry. 😛 And if you’re not already following me, well you should be! (Username: mox_ie)

Hope you enjoyed these posts! Let me know if you have any questions!



Madonna Inn , the Merry Room

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Top: Target (Last summer), but same here; Shorts: H&M here; Sunnies: Aldo here; Shoes: Ami Club Wear c/o here


Swimsuit: Asos here; Hat: Target, similar here; Sandals: Nordstrom Rack, here; Necklace: One Native Heart c/o here

That’s the bride, Heather, on the left! The three of us were roommates for FIVE years!

YOU GUYS. I just literally can’t even. 😛 The Madonna Inn  was AMAZING. This past weekend I planned a weekend away at the Madonna Inn for my best friend’s bachelorette party. I first found out it even existed a few months back when Amber Fillerup went there. I immediately screen shot the sparkle room pictured above and sent it to my friend and told her we needed to go there for her bachelorette party. She’s obsessed with sparkle and glitter and sequins so it was the perfect place to host her special weekend!

The first night we stayed in the room show above which is the “Merry” room. If you’re not familiar with the Madonna Inn, literally EVERY SINGLE room is decorated differently. Some are pretty cray. You can check them all out here. These pictures don’t even do the room justice! It’s even more amazing in person, and at night with the lighting the room just looks like magic.

The first night we went to Morro Bay and had clam chowder in bread bowls at Giovanni’s and ice cream from Suns-n-Buns Bakery and watched the sunset behind Morro Rock. Then we came back and basked in the magic of the sparkle walls and had lots of girl talk. The next morning we did a lingerie shower for the bride and spent some time at the pool which had a sloping walk in entrance to it so we were able to just sit in the water and have more girl talk. I wore that one piece pictured above, and I think it’s my new favorite one piece suit! I love the cutouts, and the fit. Plus it’s on sale so goooo! I ordered an extra small, and the fit is perfect! (Asos is one of my fave online places to shop too since they do free shipping and free returns!)

Because we wanted the full experience, we changed rooms on the second night! Since the hotel is used to guests doing this, they made the transition between rooms super easy, and we didn’t have to worry about where to put our stuff in between check in and check out! I decided to do a second post about the second night because in addition to the room photos, I also have fun photos to share from our night out in my glitter dress!

Hope you all had the best weekend! And if you have any questions about the Madonna Inn or our weekend, let me know!

Stay tuned for more photos of our trip!



Ross Geller Status

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Top: SheIn c/o here; Leggings: Old, similar here; Boots: Marshall’s, similar here and here, LOVE these; Hat: Target (recent in store purchase), similar here; Necklace: Forever 21 here; Lipstick: NYX Matte in color Alabama

Last week when I took these photos, I legit wasn’t sure if they were going to happen… Because it was HOT. I did a car outfit change (Every blogger does it. You should see my car when I get home from shoots. It’s such a mess that I can’t bring myself to clean it out right away. 😛 ), anyways… I had the air up as high as it would possibly go and tried to slip into my leather leggings. But we all know leather leggings don’t just slide right on. For a minute, I thought we were going to have a Ross Geller and his leather pants kind of situation, and I was going to need some help. But clearly not from Joey. (If you know what I’m talking about, you are now my best friend, and you can come over whenever you want to watch all ten seasons of Friends with me. If you don’t. See it here. And then maybe do yourself a favor and have a Netflix binge watching spree of Friends. 😛 ) P.S. Can anyone EVER decide who their favorite character is on that show. I never can. 😛

Anywaysssss. All that to say, I love Friends and am excited for fall dressing but I wish the weather would be a little nicer! Also how cute is this fun top from SheIn. I seriously can’t get enough of their stuff! It keeps the outfit just the right amount of bright, and I love it. P.S. THESE BOOTS. I am in love. I was out looking for something and found them at Marshall’s and love them! If you don’t already, Marshall’s is a great place to shop for shoes at a great price!

This week has already been crazy, and today will be too! I get off work early, and then it’s a mad dash to do all my errands and shopping for the bachelorette party because we leave Friday morning, and I need to make sure I have all food and drinks and everything we need for the weekend! We are staying at the Madonna Inn, and I am so excited! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few pictures of things to share a blog post with you. We are celebrating my best friend, Heather, and she loves all things sparkle so the whole weekend is going to be full of it. We are all even wearing sequins and sparkle when we go out. Make sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (Mox_ie) for all the fun!

Thanks for following along!